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Pozzi Industries

An Italian group that operates internationally – perfect synergy between diverse expertise in the treatment of polyurethane – with the aim of offering customers cutting-edge technology and highly customized solutions.

The best know-how in the field of chemistry, process machine, in the decoration of surfaces and lots more.

A pool of companies able to propose a complete offer in the construction, furniture, refrigeration, automotive, sports and leisure, etc., obviusly Made in Italy.

is a chemical based company active in Italy since the early Fifties, a System House which operates in the international polyurethane scenario.
Thanks to a team of experts in polyurethane systems is able to offer highly customized industrial solutions.
since 1978 and designs and manufactures equipment for the processing of polyurethane machines: proposing solutions technologically innovative, sustainable and highly personalized.
SAIP employs highly qualified personnel and controls a widespread sales network around the world, providing its customers with technical and commercial assistance focused on their needs.
has extensive experience and a great reputation.
For more than 40 years works as a trader in the market of chemical products supplying key raw materials and differentiated products for large companies based in Italy and Europe.
It also provides tailored services such as warehousing, drumming, mixing and consulting service for PU production.
is the right partner for those in the South American market are looking for integrated solutions that include polyurethane systems, processing equipment, advice and technical assistance, including the design and construction of turnkey projects.
is the first and only center in the world devoted entirely to research and development of new solutions for the production of insulating panels in polyurethane with the double-lamination method continuously. A line in industrial scale and a laboratory to carry out experimentation and prototyping and allow global players in the construction industry to accelerate the development of new solutions and stay competitive.
is a decorative graphics technology water can be used for any type of three-dimensional surface and also on any material such as plastic, metal, wood, polyurethane, glass. It is the only existing printer technique for irregular surfaces that maintains the pattern intact.
DipPrintĀ® uses special pigments resting on a water-soluble film to draw the desired decoration, with a reduced environmental impact.
solutions for industrial automation.
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