INTERTRADING develops polyurethane systems in partnership with a sector leading Italian company, and provides its customers with customized products and smart solutions.

All the specialities developed by INTERTRADING comply with the REACH Directive and they come from long experience and state-of-the-art know-how.

They are available with the following packaging:

  • 50 kg drums
  • 200 Kg drums
  • 1000 Kg IBC

Water-based and / or HFC basis for a variety of applications:

  • in discontinuous panels
  • kettles
  • refrigerators
  • pipe coating

Using the new generation HFC blowing agents, the integral skin systems with ODP = 0 have a variety of applications:

  • automotive
  • furniture
  • saddles
  • technical articles (available from very soft to very bearing, printable with a density range in the mold 250 g / l to 600-800 g / l)

MDI-based foams only water suitable for molding for the automotive industry (seats) or furniture (sofas, chairs, sofas).

MDI-based viscoelastic usable for the production of mattresses and pillows (either by molding in a closed mold which for the production of blocks in discontinuous).

expanded solely to water, are used mainly for the automotive industry: steering wheels, planks.

formulated with reactive catalysts, the systems from fussbett Inter Trading are formulated with prepolymers which guarantee high mechanical characteristics and make them particularly appreciated by the market.

The Isomix series includes isocyanate prepolymers developed by Inter Trading laboratories to satisfy the most diverse demands of the market the terms of agglomerates.

Consisting of products complying with REACH, using the most innovative materials and the latest technical knowledge, prepolymers Isomix isocyanates are used in the following fields:

  • ISOMIX Series 100: prepolymers for rubber agglomerations (pavings shockproof, colored granules, girdles, for street furniture);
  • ISOMIX Series 200: prepolymers for agglomerations of waste flexible foam;
  • ISOMIX Series 300 (still being studied): prepolymers for cork agglomerates.

Isomix are taylor-made products: our laboratories are able to prepare special products, out of the range of existing ones, to meet the demands of individual customers.

Isomix Series 100

The products of the 100 series are used for the production of rubber agglomerates.

Viscosity [25°] NCO Color Application
ISOMIX 100 3700 ± 350 9,3 ± 0,5 Light Floor coatings anti-trauma, colored granules and articles for street furniture
ISOMIX 102 2000 ± 300 9,4 ± 0,5 Light Grain cylinders to make rubber sheaths

Isomix Series 200

The products of the 200 series are used for the production of waste agglomerates from flexible foams.

Viscosity [25°] NCO Color Application
ISOMIX 200 950 ± 200 15,7 ± 0,5 Brune Agglomerates of flexible residues for the production of agglomerated polyurethane mats

They are currently being studied for the prepolymers of cork agglomerates (next Isomix Series 300) for the production of caps for bottles.

Technical and safety data sheets are available on request.
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